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Free accounts come with...
  • A customizable agency website
  • Powerful quoting tools for you and your customers
  • Instant connection to all your carriers/wholesalers
  • Centralized back-office with workflow
  • More insurance, less work.

    Get the right data the first time, and only key it once!

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    Community is good

    SureHub was born out of our co-founder's frustration managing his own independent insurance agency. Since then we've worked with hundreds of companies and found the same struggles. We think we have a pretty revolutionary approach to these age-old problems. By connecting you and your data to all the people you do business with - instantly, SureHub makes your sales process simple, fast, and complete.

    Who uses SureHub?

    Our goal is to create an intuitive environment where everyone in the industry can connect, collaborate, and do business with each other. Whether you work for an independant agency, general agency, wholesaler, bank, or carrier, we have tools to get you connected. Even your customers can connect through your personalized agency webpage. Imagine -- all your business thru a single, secure, hosted web portal. It's not just a dream anymore.

    About our company

    SureHub is a product from ClearBlueWeb. We're a privately-held, Missouri-based company commited to creating world-class software that is simple, reliable, and intuitive. If you like the way we think, read our blog.

    The talk

    Our customers have been kind with their feedback. Dennis Martinez from Marketing Financial said "You've revolutionized the way we receive & respond to our advisors." Cynthia Branstetter from Great Southern Insurance Agency said "[SureHub] helped us write a $9000 premium commercial account... It is so easy!!!"

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    Sign up for a free account today and see for yourself. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time. No lengthy contracts.

    Questions? Send us an email.

    SureHub is an application from ClearBlueWeb. copyright © 2004-2007 ClearBlueWeb, LLC. All rights reserved.